RAW Nora Longoria DWI arrest

"Please let me go home. I live a couple miles away. You're going to ruin my life."
- Nora Longoria pleading to the arresting officer

Nora Longoria dashcam video released after charges were dropped in DWI case

District Attorney Rene Guerra says missing police car dash cam footage wasn't available, claims it was an oversight.7

DWI charges dropped against justice Nora Longoria

South Texas Judge arrested for DWI asks for special treatment

South Texas Judge arrested for DWI asks for special treatment

Justice Nora Longoria,

Texas Thirteenth District Court of Appeals


Nora Longoria is a justice on the Thirteenth District Court of Appeals in Texas. She was elected to the court on November 6, 2012, for a term that expires on December 31, 2018.

The DA office says it "could have" used the footage. Dropped charges can be re-raised. The trial had not started. The charges were not dropped with prejudice. There is no double jeopardy issue. There was absolutely no reason not to arrest her once the evidence was discovered.


  • Pulled over for speeding (69 in a 55) at approximately 1:30am on July 12, 20142
  • Failed field sobriety test 15
  • Charges dismissed. Reason "Other; In the Interest of Justice."5
  • Filed petition to have arrest expunged from her record. 1 day after statute of limitations expire.18
  • Hearing held September 16th 2016 19

Accomplices after the fact

  • Rene Guerra

    Rene Guerra,
    Hidalgo County District Attorney

    "I did not know whether the dash cam was recording or not, I didn't bother to ask and that was my oversight,".7
  • Steven L. Seider

    Honorable Steven L. Seider,
    Chair State Commission on Judicial Conduct

    The State Commission on Judicial Conduct issued a public admonition 17 based on the facts and evidence before it that Justice Longoria repeatedly identified herself to police officers as being a judge, offered to show the officers her judicial badge, and attempted to use her position as a judge to obtain favorable treatment and escape the consequences of her conduct, in willful and persistent violation of Canon 2B of the Texas Code of Judicial Conduct